The PRG Protection for EPS Geofoam


Protect Your EPS Geofoam from

Oil and Gas

EPS Geofoam is becoming increasingly important as a lightweight alternative to soil and gravel when used as structural backfill in highways, bridges, embankments and parking lots. However, the foam is not compatible with petroleum products.

Physical Properties


Please contact EPT for technical information on our XTRM PLY EPSWrap geomembrane. 

EPT EPSWrap™, comprised of a reinforced, petroleum resistant geomembrane (PRG) fabric (EPT XTRM Ply® HPLX 42, acts as a sealed "bag" providing the necessary strength required to handle the loads created by the soils covering EPS Geofoam. Most important, the material is resistant (in the case of a tanker spill) to a wide range of petroleum- and petro-chemical-based liquids.

“One of the added benefits of the PRG geomembrane such as EPT’s XTRM Ply® [EPSWrap] is that, due to its inherent flexibility, it can be prefabricated into large panels by a qualified fabrication facility, taking advantage of a climate-controlled environment.  This allows fabricators to seam, test the seams, fold/package and ship to the jobsite in large panel sizes, minimizing or even eliminating more problematic field seams, which would otherwise need to be done in the elements, and subject to site conditions.”

~ Mark DeSandre, geomembrane sales manager, Frank Roberts and Sons, Inc.,

EPT products are engineered to have extreme tear and tensile resistance while performing in sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat and UV exposure. This performance capability is there whether you are containing water, carbon-based, or hazardous waste materials. 

June 2018 Chemical Resistance Guidelines for EPT XTRM Ply® KEE/EIA PRG

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