Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)

EPT's XTRM Ply Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) are offered in both polyether and polyester base polymers. Polyether-based TPU’s are ideal when exposed to aqueous environments.  Polyester based TPU products provide excellent resistance to petroleum, hydrocarbons, and a wide variety of chemicals. Whether you are containing Potable (NSF61) or Non-Potable Water, hydrocarbon based liquids, EPT has a product to meet your needs. EPT can also enhance your product by increasing its UV and providing custom colors.


EPT XTRM Ply® products are available as reinforced composite membranes.  This allows the versatility of using the same polymer chemistry for a variety of constructions. Whether your requirements call for a basic weft inserted polyester knit or ballistic grade nylon woven fabric (also available in fiberglass), EPT can provide you with the best engineered product. Our base fabric offerings provide tensile strength in excess of 1,200 pounds, puncture resistance in excess of 500 pounds, and hydrostatic resistance of 1000+ psi. Our rip-stop woven fabrics provide maximum tear resistance.

Some of the high-performance applications that currently utilize EPT XTRM Ply TPU include:

  • US military grade berm liners,

  • Fuel and water pillow tanks, drop drums,

  • NAVFAC spill containment booms,

  • Chemical suits and dock seals and shelters.

Properties and Recommended Applications for TPU Polyester and Polyether


Products can be provided in widths from 1” strips up to 120”.   To assist with fabrication and installation, we can produce our TPU tapes from 1” to 10” so that you can effectively weld and seal any edges, overlaps or difficult areas that reinforced products may not accommodate.

Count on EPT to be your XTRM Ply TPU Solutions Provider. 

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EPT XtrmPly® TPU Benefits:


• Potable, Salt and Gray Water Resistance


• Anti Stat Available

• High abrasion resistance


• Incinerable


• High tear, tensile and puncture 


• UV resistance


• Excellent Flexibility at Low


• Hydrocarbon and Chemical resistance


• Weldable by heat, RF, wedge,
  and adhesive