Thermal Polyolefin (TPO) / Polypropylene (PP)

EPT's offering of thermal polyolefin (TPO) provides you with one of the most cost effective polymer technology options available. TPO film reinforced with polyester reinforcement, or as an unsupported sheet, provides a product that has excellent UV resistance, enhanced buoyancy and is lighter weight at the same thickness than many other products that are available on the market. Whether you are fabricating and installing a lagoon liner, pond liner, or floating cover, our XTRM Ply TPO products provide you the flexibility and performance you require for your geomembrane.  Due to a lower specific gravity than many other polymers, a light weight product (such as XTRM Ply TPO) also has cost benefits such as easier/efficient fabrication methods, as well as the flexibility of fabricating in the field or delivering prefabricated panels to your installation.

In addition to being suitable for many chemical resistant applications, our XTRM Ply TPO can also meet the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61) making them suitable for fish grade and potable water applications, such as aquaculture to reservoirs. Our XTRM Ply TPO products provide the protection you need.

XTRM Ply TPO products are available in both unreinforced film and reinforced composite membrane. They are available in widths from 1” to 120” allowing versatility for your welds/seals, overlaps, and difficult areas that reinforced products often cannot accommodate. All XTRM Ply TPO products are available in thicknesses from 20 mils to 100 mils.

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EPT Xtrm Ply®

TPO/PP Benefits:


• Low specific gravity enhances


• Recyclable


• Dimensionally stable


• Limited chemical resistant


• Plasticizer and chlorine free


• Weldable by heat and wedge


• High tear, tensile  and puncture


• UV and ozone resistant

• Fire retardent version available


• Potable and industrial grades available


• NSF standard 61 grade available


• Warranties available