Spill Containment Booms

Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) manufactures a line of Spill Response and Permanent Containment Boom Membranes which are available in weights of 23 oz. or 28 oz.  Two polymers options are TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane ether) or PVC/EIA (PVC containing DuPont Elvaloy™). These polymers provide the opportunity to utilize the specific product for your application whether it be along the coast or in deep sea environments, as well as hot or extreme cold environments.


XTRM Ply TPU & EIA Spill Response and

Permanent Containment Boom Membranes

are constructed with our proprietary polymer

formulas internally reinforced with a woven

fabric that provides a dimensionally stable

product that performs well at temperatures

from –40° F to 250° F. In addition they are

resistant to various petrochemicals and oil

dispersant agents. By utilizing TPU and EIA

polymers you will experience significant

improvements in both durability and redeployment when compared to traditional general-purpose PVC membranes that have a limited performance life.


XTRM Ply Spill Response and Permanent Containment Boom Membranes are made with the lowest specific gravity level TPU and low C of F (Coefficient of Friction). These characteristics provide the highest levels of buoyancy and the lowest levels of surface energy. This combination keeps your booms floating and prevents them from being weighed down by petrochemicals that typically cling themselves to traditional plastisol PVC membranes. As a result, you will experience less drag when booms are being pulled or cleaned.

All of our XTRM Ply Spill Response and Permanent Containment Boom Membranes are manufactured in the USA and are available as Berry Amendment Compliant.

For more information on EPT XTRM Ply Spill Containment products, call us at 908-558-0011 or email us at sales@epttech.com.  For technical inquiries, please send a detailed email to technical@epttech.com.

EPT XtrmPly® Spill Containment Boom benefits:


• 28oz  TPU Meets the  Requirements
  of the NAVFAC

• Available as Berry Amendment 
  Compliant & Commercial Grades

• RF. Hot Air, Wedge & Adhesive 
  Welding Compatible

• TPU & EIA Formulated for 
  Containment Applications

• Excellent High and Low Temperature 

• Custom Weight, Width and Length 

• Enhanced Buoyancy and C of F / Slip 
  (Co-efficient of Friction)

Spill Containment Boom

TPU Spill Containment Boom