Specialty Polymers

EPT is currently manufacturing new products utilizing co-polyester (TPC), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). In addition, we are able to blend alloys that utilize any of the resin/compounds we are currently processing. For more details please contact EPT to review your specific needs.

Co-Polyester (TPC / COPE)

  • Inherent toughness and durability increases product life and may reduce waste

  • TPC is an extremely impact-resistant plastic



Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

  • EVA resins are inherently flexible, tough, and clear

  • EVA replaces PVC in non-invasive medical tubing and bag applications

  • EVA can be blended with other resins

  • EVA provides excellent impact strength, puncture resistance, flex crack resistance, and adhesion


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

TPE attributes include:

  • Offered as an alternative to Thermoset Rubber

  • Heat and oil resistance

  • Improved adhesion and tear resistance

  • Surface appearance and low permeability

  • Colorable and can be specified in a variety of hardness grades



Alloy Blends

Contact EPT for our full range of alloy compound options.

For more information on EPT Specialty Polymer products, call us at 908-558-0011 or email us at sales@epttech.com.  For technical inquiries, please send a detailed email to technical@epttech.com.