EPT New Report Solves Geomembrane Acronym Puzzle

Elvaloy®, patented by DuPont in 1973 has been used as a geomembrane plasticizer for decades. It was developed to provide a solid plasticizer or polymer to replace liquid plasticizers that would make PVC flexible without concerns of plasticizer migration. That much is clear. But what is very blurry is the usage of many of the acronyms and names used in connection with this product. There is KEE, EIA, EIP and Elvaloy®, and the distinction between these terms are important for clarifying the composition of a geomembrane.

To help sort out any confusion between the various acronyms and terms used in the industrial fabric industry, Engineered Polymer Technologies has prepared a technical white paper entitled “EIA, EIP, KEE, Elvaloy: Clarifying the Nomenclature of Geomembranes.” Download it here.

A lack of distinction between terms and acronyms can create assumptions related to what a PVC blend does or does not contain. For example, the industry uses the terms EIA (ethylene interpolymer alloy) and EIP (ethylene interpolymer) as though they are different polymers when in fact they are the exact same thing. Additionally, oftentimes these acronyms are used interchangeably with the term Elvaloy® or KEE (ketone ethylene ester)-- its chemical name – when in fact KEE is something completely different.

The importance of these distinctions matter because KEE blended with PVC to form EIA is the foundation of a geomembrane with specific properties required for these geosynthetic applications. For example, our XTRM Ply® HP, HPK and HPL, containing DuPont Elvaloy® products, are designed for containing hydrocarbons, as well as a wide variety of acids and chemical solutions, hot and cold resistant, and provide the highest levels of dimensional stability – in other words, formulated for the harsh conditions of geomembrane applications. PVC with KEE blends are presently being used by EPT and its fabricators for primary and secondary containment, and potable and non-potable water containment solutions.

There can be added cost with the use of Elvaloy®, but it’s ability to meet the demanding environment of geomembranes makes it the ideal product for a PVC-blended solution. For more information on geomembranes from EPT, please visit our website, email us at info@epttech.com or for immediate response call us at 908-558-0011.

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