XTRM Ply® RV Roofing & Accessories

Designed specifically for the RV market, XTRM Ply® RV Roofing membrane is a PVC Alloy product intended to be maintenance free.  Formulated with DuPont Elvaloy®, XTRM Ply® RV Roofing membrane has enhanced UV and chemical resistance when compared to traditional RV roofing products. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing commercial roofing membranes, we are able to provide the same level of technology to the RV roofing market.

Hear the many benefits of using XTRM Ply® Roofing from Randy Graber, Senior Director of Product Development, Highland Ridge RV in this video

Physical Properties


• Available in Rolls 1' x 20"; treads 8"-18"


• Available in Gray color


• Treadway® Adhesion to XTRM PLY®
  (Matte Finish" is 48 hours; 17 lbs
  lineal inch


• Tear Strength of 200 lbs. x 200 lbs


• Puncture Resistant to 96 lbs


• Shore a Durometer of 85


• Hydrostatic Resistance of 400 PSI

XTRM Ply RV Roofing

Treadway Traction and Grip Accessories

Treadway Ramp Surface

Treadway Roofing Pads

Treadway Stair Grip Pads

XTRM Ply® RV Roofing membrane products are available exclusively through our national distributor LaSalle Bristol.

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