Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

EPT has been offering flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products since 1981.  EPT currently provides an economical and engineered option for many applications. With over 40 years of PVC experience, EPT XTRM Ply® PVC membranes are a proven product.


Applications range from irrigation ponds to canal liners to single ply roofing membranes.


XTRM Ply PVC Geomembrane products are available in three performance grades:

  • IG PVC - designed for low risk liquid containment and short life expectancy

  • 7176 PVC - designed to meet the requirements of ASTM-7176 requirements suitable for long-life buried applications and low-risk liquid containment

  • 7176 UV PVC - designed for 20-year exposed applications and low risk liquid containment

All three products are available in both unreinforced (fPVC) and reinforced sheeting (rPVC). With a width range from 1" to 120" (depending on the product), these products provide versatility for your welds, seals, overlaps, and difficult areas that reinforced products cannot always accommodate. XTRM Ply PVC geomembrane products are available in a thickness range of 2 mils to 120 mils. They are certified to ASTM-7176 and FGI1115 and are provided with enhanced UV protection. The products are hot and cold resistant providing the highest levels of dimensional stability,. Fabric reinforcement provides improved physical strength properties such as high tear, extreme puncture and breaking strength.  

To download our PVC Geomembrane Product Specification/ASTM-7176,
please click here.

For more information on EPTs PVC products, call us at 908-558-0011or email us at sales@epttech.com.  For technical inquiries, please send a detailed email to technical@epttech.com.

EPT XTRM Ply® PVC Benefits:


Flexibility for three-dimensional


Factory fabricated larger panels:
  Up to 80% less field seams

Long-term survivability


• Custom size and shaped panels


• ASTM-7176 Certified


• FGI-1115 Compliant


• Fish grade available


• Available in widths up to 120"


• Industrial grade available

• Anti-Stat available

• Available BPA-free

• Available Pthalate-free

• Available UV and flame resistance

• Weldable (heat, RF, adhesive & wedge)

• Good chemical resistance

• High resin to fabric ratio

PVC Reinforced Geomembrane

PVC Waste Water Containment