EPTs new line of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is a string-reinforced LLDPE composite membrane with the specific properties required for geomembranes and other demanding applications. LLDPE has been in increasing demand due to its superior flexibility and better layflat versus High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). EPT has specially formulated its LLDPE fabric for high resistance to chemicals and UV, and offers the material with a puncture- and tear-resistant string-reinforced scrim. It is ideal for use in solid and hazardous waste landfills, C & D landfills, mining and industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment.  The material, sold in jet black with a matte finish on both sides is available in widths up to 10 feet, in 30, 36 and 45 mil, for easy and efficient fabrication.  A unique, embossed textured finish for improved traction will be available early next year in all thicknesses.    

LLDPE is flexible enough to be fabricated ahead of time, welded and tested on a dry floor under controlled conditions. The advantages of this process include accelerated and more consistent welding, greater peel adhesion and bonded seam sheer values, and reduced construction quality assurance (CQA) expenses.


For more information on EPTs new LLDPE composite membranes, call us at 908-558-0011 or email us at sales@epttech.com.  For technical inquiries, please send a detailed email to technical@epttech.com.

Typical Applications:


• Decorative Ponds & Lakes


• Landfill Liner & Caps


• Golf Course Ponds


• Landfill Caps


• Pond & Lake Liners


• Drop-in Tank Liners


• Greens & Bunker Liners


• Irrigation Reservoirs

• Containment Pits


• Mining Heap Leach Ponds


• Secondary Containment