Military Products

Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) has developed and manufactures an extensive line of Berry Amendment Compliant Military Coated Fabrics that meet or exceed Military Specifications. Applications include Primary & Secondary Containment as well as Personnel & Equipment Protection.  Specific end items include: Collapsible Storage Bladders (for Fuel/Hydrocarbons and Potable Water); Berm Liners, Ground Cloths and Spill Containment Booms; Tarpaulins, Tents and Shelters to shield personnel and various equipment.


These products utilize our custom designed compounds that maximize the latest in available polymer and fabric technologies. Our products are engineered to perform in the field, exceeding IR or UV requirements,  dead load and cold crack standards. 

Standard Military Products
Available include:


• Mil Prf 20696F


• A-A-55308

EPT DOD approved laboratories continue to work directly with fabricators and military facilities to provide products that will meet the new demands and expectations of today's and tomorrow's military needs.


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