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Bill Kuhn named Director, Engineering Applications Support Team, EPT 

To assist engineers with identifying the best polymer solution for their geomembrane and specialty fabric applications, Bill Kuhn has been named Director, Engineering Applications Support Team. Bill previous held the position of Technical Director of EPT and has over 25 years in the industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for SPE - VinylTec Committee, and in addition, has leadership roles on two ASTM Committees (D08 and D35). Bill holds Master of Material Science and Technology degrees from both Rutgers University and Stevens Institute of Technology. For applications support, contact Bill at or call direct at 908-558-0011 X105.

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EPT Introduces String-Reinforced LLDPE to Meet Growing Customer Demand

To meet the increasing interest and demand for Linear Low Density Polyethylene, EPT is now manufacturing a fabric-reinforced composite LLDPE membrane in 30, 36, and 45 mil and up to 10’ wide. A textured LLDPE offering will be available early next year.

To learn more, DOWNLOAD the new Press Release on our LLDPE Introduction. 

PRESS RELEASE - LLDPE Announcement - For

EPT introduces new XTRM Ply® Industrial Rack
Tape – Protects inventory, reduces damage.

Engineered Polymer Technologies has introduced an industrial-
grade rack tape specifically designed to reduce the scratches,
abrasion and damage caused by metal/wood warehouse and

distribution racks/shelving. The material, made of an extremely
smooth, highly durable thermoplastic urethane (TPU) provides
high impact protection and exceptional puncture, tear and
abrasion resistance for easy and safe placement and removal of
products. For more information, see our webpage or contact us directly at 908-558-0011.

Society of Plastic Engineers to announce recognition
award to TPC Committee


The Society of Plastic Engineers has announced a recognition award
to the TPC Committee, of which Bill Kuhn, our technical director,
has been a member for over ten years. The award, to be given to
the committee at the next ANTEC conference, acknowledges their
outstanding ongoing contributions to the development of the
curriculum for the Vinyl Tec Conference. Mr. Kuhn had the privilege
of serving asTPC Chairman for the 2016 Vinyl T ec Symposium.


RV Business Cover Features Adventure Trailers with
XTRM PLY™ Roofing


XTRM Ply Roofing can be seen on the recent issue of RV Business.
The cover story is about the Elkhart RV Open House, with what was
considered a “phenomenal turnout.” The story mentioned the
continuing trend toward smaller, lighter towables and easier to
drive motorhomes. The former is geared to a new audience of
younger buyers than the traditional RV market, and includes vehicle
such as the No Boundaries trailer from Forrest River, with XTRM Ply
Roofing, as shown on the issue. XTRM Ply RV Roofing is currently
being used by several RV manufacturers, in all classes, and is
exclusivelydistributed by LaSal le Bristol.



EPT introduces Polyethylene Treadway for Geomembrane


EPT has developed its popular Treadway walkway product in polyethylene for the expressed use of easily adhering the fabric to almost any polyethylene material, such as that used for geomembrane applications. The product can be used as a traffic-bearing walkway on any polymer-based surface. This includes geomembrane liners, Frac Pads and Liners, secondary-containment, reservoir liners, floating covers and canal liners. Treadway PE is manufactured in white sand color (light gray) for higher visibility. The surface provides excellent skid resistance and the low profile does not disrupt water run- off.  Standard roll size is 60" x 75'. Contact EPT for pricing and availability. 


Michael Satz Named President of EPT


Les Satz, CEO of Ronald Marketing Associates, Inc. (RMA), the parent company of Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) has promoted Michael Satz to the position of president of the EPT division, effective January 1, 2018.  M. Satz has served in a variety of company positions for over 20 years, and as GM for the past 5 years. He is responsible for continued innovation and growth of the division into several new PVC polymer film/sheet and coated fabric markets, including Geomembranes, Military Products. RV roofing, SoundSafe™ acoustic barrier material, and Treadway™ traction and grip walkway surfaces. 



Larry Zusman to Lead EPT Marketing


Ronald Mark Associates, Inc. (RMA), the parent company of Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT), has announced the recent hiring of Larry Zusman as director of global marketing for EPT and its sister companies, Flex Membrane and KINON. Previously, Zusman held several executive corporate marketing and advertising positions, including 16 years in senior-level worldwide marketing roles for the Xerox Corporation, and co-ownership of a full-service advertising agency in Rochester, N.Y.