Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA)
/ Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE)

For over 25 years EPT has offered PVC products formulated with ethylene interpolymer alloy (EIA).  EIA is a high performance DuPont Elvaloy®/ketone ethylene ester (KEE).  EPT XTRM Ply® EIA/KEE is available in both NSF Potable Water and Non-Potable Water grades.  This polymer allows our XTRM Ply EIA/KEE to achieve some of the highest levels of chemical protection in the Geomembrane  (Primary/Secondary) containment industry. XTRM Ply EIA/KEE has been used for a variety of applications around the world. From wastewater lagoons to hazardous waste impoundments, we have the knowledge and experience to help meet your needs.  

XTRM Ply EIA/KEE products are manufactured in both reinforced composites and unreinforced film and provided in industry standard thicknesses 30, 36 and 45 mil. Greater thicknesses are offered upon request.  Widths are available up to 120".

Products include: 

  • HPK - Reinforced with a knit polyester fabric and ideal for mild dynamic applications

  • HP - Reinforced with a higher strength knit polyester fabric and suitable for moderate applications

  • HPL - Reinforced with a woven polyester fabric for your most demanding and critical applications

  • HPLX - Reinforced with a woven high tenacity polyester fabric to give superior tensile and tear tests that meet and exceed industry standards

All XTRM Ply EIA/KEE products are formulated with enhanced UV protection and are excellent for containing hydrocarbons as well as a wide variety of acids and chemical solutions.  XTRM Ply EIA/KEE products are hot and cold resistant, providing the highest levels of dimensional stability. Fabric reinforcement provide improved physical strength characteristics such as high tear properties, extreme puncture, and breaking strength.

For more information on EPTs EIA/KEE products call us at 908-558-0011 or email us at  For technical inquiries, please send a detailed email to

EPT XtrmPly® EIA Benefits:


• NFS 61 - Potable Water Grade

BPA Free

• Up to 20 year Warranty Available


• Weldable (By Heat, R.F., and Wedge)


• High abrasion resistance


• Excellent outdoor service life


• Industry Leading chemical resistance


• High resin to fabric ratio


• Available in widths up to 120″

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