Roof Gardens/Root Barriers

Roof Gardens (Green Roofs) are popping up on many new and existing roofs. Major cities and suburbs have become home of this desirable oasis on what is otherwise a very mundane and barren area of any many buildings.

The benefits of installing a Roof Garden:

  • Enhanced aesthetic value and user appeal.

  • Protect existing roof under garden thereby extending its life expectancy.

  • Sound Insulation

  • Increased cooling efficiency and lower energy costs.

  • Storm water management benefits.


EPT offers several products to aid in the construction of your Roof Garden installation including:

  • 120" 20, 30 or 40 mil PVC or TPO Root Barrier sheeting. Meets ASTM-7176 Requirements

  • Sheeting available in full adhered membrane version

  • Treadway Protective pathway membranes


EPT’s flexible membranes, supported or unsupported, have the following properties:

  • Excellent workability for easy installation

  • Good elongation properties and extensibility performance

  • UV and heat resistance

  • Excellent Tear resistance

  • Ease of fabrication in the field with available welding equipment

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